When Renovating Your Kitchen, 5 Things To Consider.

One of the most luxurious flooring options a homeowner can aim for in Macomb is hardwood flooring. This is because hardwood flooring is one of the most durable and beautiful flooring options on the market. More than that, hardwood flooring can create the illusion of elegance and supply a home with a unique and rustic feel. Since hardwood flooring can be on the expensive side, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to strive to keep it in perfect condition. The following are the top 5 things you should do to protect your hardwood flooring from wear and tear.

Wear Slippers in Your Home

There are some people who enjoy wearing their shoes inside of the house, and while this is a personal choice, it isn’t exactly an ideal options for homes that are equipped with hardwood flooring. Since small rocks and dirt can get lodged onto the soles of shoes, it isn’t uncommon for homeowners to notice small scratches on the surface of their hardwood floors. While these scratches are absolutely repairable when using the right sanding and varnishing methods, doing so can quickly become a hassle, and so trying to prevent these scratches from occurring is a given. A great way of doing so is by suggesting that guests and residents alike take off their shoes as soon as they enter the home, and put on a pair of slippers. These slippers, which have padded and soft soles, pose no threat to hardwood floors and supply people with comfortable footwear options.

Wipe Your Shoes Before Entering Your Home

If wearing shoes in one’s home is too much of a browse this site habit to break, it is wise to ensure that the transportation of rocks and dirt isn’t going to be an issue. To do this, homeowners can supply their vestibules with shoes scrubbers and ask their guests Continue and family members to properly scrub their shoe soles before entering their home.

Glue Felt Pieces Under Furniture Pieces

One of the most common reasons behind hardwood flooring scratches is furniture being dragged across the floor. Since furniture dragging is inevitable, homeowners can benefit from gluing felt piece to the bottom of their furniture pieces. This way, when furniture is dragged or moved, it can glide along the floor without causing large scratches to muck up gorgeous hardwood flooring.

Add Carpet to Highly Trafficked Areas

Adding carpets to highly trafficked areas like hallways or living rooms can be beneficial in the long run. This is because it’ll prevent scratches or wear and tear from occurring.

Regularly Sweep Your Floors

If a homeowner regularly sweeps their floors, they are less prone to noticing scratches as they will be ensuring that any rocks or debris are cleaned from the floorboards.

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